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Wedding Party

Dana White

Matron of Honor

Dana and Megan met in 2016 during their surgical residencies. Friendship was easy and over their years working together, they become family. Residency prevented celebration of a lot of holidays with family so instead, they created a family together in Manhattan, KS. We couldn't imagine celebrating without Megan's "little" sister.

When Megan asked Dana to be her Matron of Honor, Dana was VERY happy to hear the wedding was November....2023 and not 2022 because she shared the amazing news that she was going to be a MOM in November 2022. Turns out, we were both expecting baby boys! Our due dates were just 6 days apart!

Ashlee Nixey


Ashlee and Megan met a LONG time ago. Maybe like 2003 or 2004. They played softball together and were the dynamic southpaw duo. Ashlee was a catcher and Megan a pitcher. They played several seasons together but became friends that spent an insane amount of time together both on and off the field. From basement hang outs to pre-game meals they could be found together almost all the time.

Moyca Stoffel


Moyca and Megan met in the 6th grade. Going to a small town school meant they go to spend a LOT of time together both in class and doing extracurricular activities. Megan's fondest memories with Moyca in high school involve her family's Suburban and road trips all over the province. She also enjoyed banding owls with Moyca and her dad.

After high school, Megan and Moyca continued to be close through college. Moving to the US hasn't stopped this friendship as they look forward to getting together any chance they can when Megan is back in Saskatchewan.

Kara Berke


Kara and Megan met at Kansas State University. Kara came on as a faculty member in 2016 and shifted everything in a positive direction. Kara is both a mentor and friend coming in with a wealth of knowledge and compassion. Weekly, or sometimes twice weekly, Hello Fresh dinners, Beach Body work outs and snuggles with her pups Cody and Landon were highlights at KSU. BerkE has a knack for plants and may or may not be disappointment by the large number of fake plants in my house!

Annika Sundby


Annika and Megan met at KSU in 2015. Annika kept Megan organized in the OR for the first year as an on call surgery student. Outside of work they had bachelor Mondays and spent many weekends when not at work/school in Aggieville. They bonded over their love for surgery and like Megan, Annika went all over the place to continue her education. While in Nashville, Annika hosted Megan for a weekend. Intentions were there to go to Los Angeles last spring but a little boy named Ivy postponed those plans.

TJ Gavlik

Best Man

Ryan Roberson


James Abbatinozzi


Jamison Cardwell


Ryan McMahon