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Our Story

Hi everyone, Megan here! Third person writing is not my thing so you're getting my version of OUR story.

A study found that marriages were more likely to happen if the woman reached out first. That's what I did on EHarmony and here we are! We haven't taken the "traditional" approach to this but who would have expected that out of us? We met in the fall of 2018. Shortly after that, I went into hiding to study for my board exam and Trey was in the shadows supporting me when needed but allowing me the space necessary to focus on the exam.

After that, we were finally able to delve deep and enter the honeymoon phase! We travelled, we met family and friends, we developed a mutual love for Universal Studios.

In 2020, Trey accepted a job that meant moving to Miami. Unfortunately, shortly after the move, COVID meant working from home in his apartment in downtown Miami, a hot bed for COVID. Two months later, Trey was back up in Jacksonville and we moved in together. Once he started a new job here, we were on the hunt for the perfect house. Turns out the perfect house for us didn't exist outside of our imaginations. So, we drew it out and made it happen!

2021 was spent dreaming and designing.

2022 was the year of everything! Engagement, small wedding with our family, and the best thing yet. We welcomed our SON Francis (IVY) to the world!

2023 is the year we get to start enjoying the fruits of our labor, both metaphorically and literally. We are excited to celebrate our lives with those most important to us.